Top 10 Kenyan YouTubers

Kenyan YouTubers

Kenyan YouTubers are creating a diverse range of content and are building increasingly large audiences from around the world.

In this article, you will find a list of the top 10 Kenyan YouTubers.

1. The Wajesus Family

First of the 10 popular Kenyan YouTubers is the Wajesus Family. In this channel, vlogger couple Kabi and Milly share their journey to living their dreams. The young Kenyan couple shares their love for God and tries to inspire others through their journey. 

They have over 210k subscribers since they started vlogging on YouTube in 2011. The couple has shared videos that have garnered over 18 million views. Additionally, they also won the 2019 Online/Digital Personality of the Year Award for their influence on social media through their YouTube channel.

2. Wabosha Maxine

With over 159k subscribers on her channel, Wabosha Maxine takes her audience through her interesting world of beauty, travel, and her lifestyle.

She is very consistent with her content and has uploaded over 270 videos since she started vlogging in 2013. Wabosha has accumulated over 13 million views and her numbers keep growing by the day.

3. Joanna Kinuthia

On this channel, Joanna Kinuthia mainly talks about fashion and beauty. Since joining in 2015, her numbers have really flared up in a short span. She has over 122k subscribers on her channel with more than 375 videos.

To keep up with her demanding niche, she regularly updates her subscribers with educative and entertaining content that has so far garnered over 10 million views. She’s one of the most loved Kenyan YouTubers and her star isn’t like to dim anytime soon.

4. The Green Calabash

They describe themselves as just regular Kenyans. Shiko and Ramah are an exciting young couple who bless their viewers with their unique lifestyle on The Green Calabash. They show the way they raise their young family to how they handle their day-to-day normal Kenyan family affairs.

The family has 71.2K subscribers on their channel since they started creating content on YouTube in 2015. They have views that exceed 9 million.

5. Edgar Obare

Edgar Obare has a commanding 71.2K subscribers with almost 6 million views. Although he may be termed by many as controversial, his content attracts many followers on his social media platforms. He makes videos about the life of celebrities in Kenya.

Moreover, he has all the hot topics and endless gossip. This has proven to be a very attractive niche and he has surely capitalized on it. Additionally, he has vicious coverage of trending topics as well.

6. Farhana Oberson

Farhana Oberson easily passes as one of the best Kenyan YouTubers at the moment. She describes herself as a content creator who loves vlogging on her travels in Kenya and far destinations. Oberson spreads happiness all over her channel with inspiring, unique, and beautiful content. She even starred in one of Mark Wein’s food travel vlog.

She is loved by many people and with that, she has over 5 million views on her channel, which she started in 2014. Additionally, she has 94.1K subscribers and has uploaded more than 164 videos. Moreover, she won the SOMA OLX YouTube channel in 2017.

7. Over Twenty Five

Over Twenty Five includes four free-spirited and fun ladies who share their interesting experiences from their daily lives. The BAKE Awards 2018 winners walk their 72.6K subscribers through their day to day journey. From relationships, beauty, jobs, money management to literally anything, name it and they’ll cover it.

Since they started vlogging in 2016, they have accumulated more than 5 million views and they continue to grow each day.

8. Sheila Ndinda

Sheila Ndinda is very popular with an audience that values their hair and beauty. She uses her YouTube channel to showcase easy natural hair tutorials. Additionally, she showcases her hair journey as well as reviewing various hair products. Moreover, she gives various ideas and tips on skincare maintenance and fashion in general.

She can be considered to be among the best Kenyan YouTubers who are all around. She also shares her travel vlogs. Sheila has garnered 80.1K subscribers since she started vlogging in 2012 with a total of over 4 million views. 

9. Natalie Tewa

With over 60.7K subscribers, Natalie Tewa is among the best Kenyan YouTubers in the travel and lifestyle scene.

She documents and shares her invaluable experiences with her followers. She has mastered this art and she’s really good at it. This has seen her garner over 4 million views in total since she joined YouTube in 2015.

10. Greatday Channel

Ronoh Chebet started the Great Day YouTube channel in 2015. Not only is she a happy and charming soul, but she’s also a great entertainer. Unsurprisingly, she was among the top 25 women in the digital industry in 2019.

She commands a huge number of 83.2K subscribers on her Great Day YouTube channel. Her funny vlogging has attracted more than 4 million views.

The Kenyan vlogging industry is large and growing. In addition to those in our list, other notable Kenyan YouTubers include Nancie Mwai, This is Ess, Njugush, Henry Desagu, and Xtian Dela.

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