Angel Investors in Kenya: Who Could Invest in Your Startup?

Angel Investors in Kenya

Angel investors are companies or individuals that provide capital to promising startups in exchange for a share in their business. Starting a business venture in Kenya can be challenging if you don’t have enough capital. So where can you get funding for your business? There are various angel investors in Kenya that can help your business scale to the next level.

Read on to discover some of the angel investors that have set up shop in Kenya.

Top Angel Investors in Kenya

Savannah Fund

Savannah Fund is an angel investment and venture capital firm that focuses on technology startups in sub-Saharan Africa. It offers capital injection, mentorship, and technical assistance through its partners from Silicon Valley and the East African region.

The fund has so far supported more than 30 startups in various countries in Africa including Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria. Savannah Fund assists businesses in various segments including Edtech, e-commerce, fintech, content, Agtech, healthcare & logistics. Moreover, it has backing from an international, regional, and local network of investors as well as venture capitalists.

Africa Technology Ventures

Africa Technology Ventures was founded by a group of passionate entrepreneurs and investors who have a track record of doing business in Africa. They provide capital, support, and access to their networks in East Africa. They mainly focus on tech startups that show a high potential to provide better access to products and services in Africa.

This angel investor pumps between $100,000 and $5m on a promising startup in exchange for an equity stake. Africa Technology Ventures is currently based in Kenya but its tentacles run deep into the African continent, covering several countries.


Norfund is the successor of Fanisi Venture Capital Fund and started its operations in 2009, funded by the Norwegian government. It focuses on strengthening the private sector in developing African economies to eliminate poverty. The fund concentrates on sectors and countries that don’t have enough capital and where their impact is most likely strong.

Norfund invests in selected business areas including, clean energy sectors, green infrastructure, financial institutions, and scalable enterprises. These four areas are in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Capital provided by the Norwegian fund is in the form of fund investments, debt, and equity. However, its preference is equity investments since most startups are not able to get them locally.

Adullam Ventures

Adullam Ventures is one of the few local angel investors in Kenya and is based in Kitale Township. It focuses on youth who need initial or additional capital funding. Knowing that many youths are not able to access high-interest loans from Kenyan banks, they offer to provide them with funds, mentorship, and technical assistance.

The most notable business supported by Adullam Ventures is the Rayzon Schools in Kitale. To receive funding, candidates must fill a form on their website before vetting by the Adullam team. After setting objectives, startups can receive various rounds of capital funding that are set in stages. Additionally, startups receive mentoring and access to a network of entrepreneurs.

Villgro Kenya

Villgro Kenya is a leading early-stage incubator for business startups in Africa. The company focuses on impact investment and social entrepreneurship. Its team has more than 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship and R&D on healthcare and technology commercialization.

They have created a funding pipeline through their partnerships with foreign and local investors. Startups receive technical assistance and become investment-ready through incubation programs. Villgro will work for you if your business idea involves solving a pressing community problem, such as healthcare.

Angel investors are a great resource for capital and mentorship for business startups. If you’re looking for funding for your business, you might want to start with the list provided in this guide. Click here to learn about the top five startups backed by black celebrities.

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