How to Get a .Africa Domain

.Africa Domain

A business domain is a wise investment. You need it for your business to have a unique internet presence, search engine positioning, more credibility, and brand visibility.

In this guide, you will learn how you can get a .africa domain for your business.

How a Domain Works

Internet devices can access information via domains on a global network server. A domain is a unique address on the internet just as we all have unique fingerprints as human beings or personal phone numbers. The international address system, Domain Name System (DNS), was created to develop and make sure that all computers connected to the internet have their own unique domain names. We search for information through domain names.

Domain extensions – such as .africa – usually indicate the function and business of the website. Therefore, it’s good to ensure that your domain extension reflects what your business does and the geographical region you serve.

Categories of Top-level Domains

The three common categories are restricted, unrestricted, and sponsored.

  • Restricted – reserved for special use like government institutions. Examples include .gov and .edu
  • Unrestricted – Anyone can register this domain extension. Examples are .com, .net, .org
  • Country or region-specific – These are top-level domains that are specific to nations or continents. Examples are .africa, .us, .ng

A .africa domain is considered a premium domain. It’s costlier than the normal regular domains like .com and .org, but it allows you to target all African countries with a single domain extension.

How to Create a .Africa Website?

The .africa domain extension is the perfect way to target the African continent as a whole.

If you know your business plans to serve all Africans, this extension is a good option. The registration costs between 15 to $25 per year.

Choose a Domain host: there are several domain hosting sites that sell .africa extension. You just have to choose the one that sells in your local currency to reduce currency risk. Moreover, you should consider if they have good customer support. Some of the domain registrars that sell .africa extension include Whogohost, Namecheap, and so on.

Name availability: after choosing a hosting platform, you have to verify the name you want is available. Each domain name has to be unique.

Register your domain name: Once you find out the domain name is available, go ahead and buy your domain name.

Buy hosting account: you can not actually start using your domain name without a hosting account. The domain name is only an address, remember? The address has to lead to a physical space. Therefore, you need a hosting account so your website can go online.

Benefits of a .Africa Domain

  1. The business service area and target consumer base are known from your domain
  2. Good for search engine ranking in the African region
  3. Acquire valuable online branding in a fast-growing high potential African market
  4. Instant access to all the fastest countries on the African continent
  5. It is quite cheap considering the reach it gives your business

There you go! Now, you are ready to purchase your .africa domain.

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