Top 10 Nigerian YouTubers

Nigerian YouTubers

Nigerians love YouTube. In fact, YouTube is the most popular video content platform in Nigeria. It should be no surprise then that there are also a number of highly popular Nigerian YouTubers.

In this article, you will discover the top ten most popular Nigerian YouTubers.

Dinma Umeh

Dinma Umeh is among the first set of Nigerians content creators to begin YouTube video content. Her platform started with a small audience but has grown into 344k subscribers.

She creates exciting content on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Dinma also shares tips and tricks on all these areas as well as personal experiences.

Jackie Annia

Jackie is another great Nigerian YouTuber and beauty influencer. Her brand is one of the most sought after in the beauty world. Jackie shares her beauty tips, products, and skincare routine on her YouTube channel.

She also holds a different tutorial on these areas. She has millions of subscribers on her channel and always attends to their questions. Her current subscriber count is 3.44 million.

Fisayo Fosudo

If you are a lover of technology and love to learn more about it, Fisayo got you covered. Fisayo is popularly known for his black turtleneck.

He shares highly informative reviews on technology products – especially new technology that’s just been released. Unsurprisingly, he’s most popular among the tech enthusiast and people in love with the latest tech gadget. His current subscriber count is 77.7k.

Sis Yemisi

Sisi Yemisi runs one of the best YouTube channels on how to cook Nigerian dishes. Her tips and tricks on how to cook the special dishes in Nigeria, including native soups, are top-notch.

Her content is not limited to a particular tribe. All tribes’ foods and special dishes are accessible on her platform. She has made more than 600 videos and her subscriber count is over 300k.

Naija’s Craziest

The platform works as the name implies. To these Nigerian YouTubers normal is boring. Therefore, the channel focuses on all the social set up in Nigeria like the entertainment industry and politics.

The channel is made up of a band of funnies. They provide satirical comments, interesting innuendo, and much more on the channel. The number of subscribers is currently at 168K.


Internet comedy has become really popular these days and this channel has to be the most popular comedy blog in Nigeria. After the child prodigy, Emmanuella Samuel, broke into limelight after the announcement of her role in Disney film the YouTube page has garnered lots of attention. In 2016, Emanuella won an award for Top Subscribed Creator.

Mark Angel, who’s her cousin, produces and acts in the short comedy series on Youtube. The channel currently has 6.23M subscribers and one of their videos has more than 5 million views.

Toke-Makinwa (Toke’s Moment)

Toke’s vlog is popularly believed to be the Nigerian version of Steve Harvey’s Think Like A Man and Act like a Lady.

Although she has a full day job as a VJ at Nigeria’s Rythm 93.7 FM, she always dishes insightful lessons on love and relationship. Toke currently has more than 66k subscribers.


BattaBox is one of Nigeria’s most exciting channel for news and entertainment. The channel conducts interviews with different Nigerians on specific interesting topics. The interview videos are often not more than five minutes long.

Most Nigerians love the channel because it provides the opportunity to find out the secret lives of people and their profession. For example, one of their popular videos is an interview of a juju person. What’s more, there’s also the viral video on the exotic meat markets. They currently have 234k subscribers.


Maraji is another Nigerian comedy channel with a large following. She is one of the most-watched vloggers and online comedians in Nigeria.

Aside from comedy, she also tries to provide a closer look into her life for her audience. She currently has 50 videos on the channel with 165k subscribers.

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