Best Sites to Watch Yoruba Movies in 2022

Yoruba Movies

With the growth of Nollywood, the Yoruba movie industry is becoming more popular each passing day. Numerous Yoruba movies are released every month, which is one of the major reasons for this growing popularity.

While getting the DVD player of these movies might be less challenging, accessing them on the internet is becoming easier. Below, you will find four sites you can use to watch Yoruba films online.


YouTube is one of the most popular sites for movies, videos, and TV series. The video platform is loaded with both recent and old Nollywood movies that are not only interesting but also packed with different lessons.

Aside from using searching for a film by name or actors’ names, you can also subscribe to different channels basically for Yoruba movies. Some of these channels include Okiki TV, Yoruba Plus, Yorubahood, and Apata. Movie producers upload their movies on these channels. They are completely free and accessible with smartphones, desktops, and tablets.


IROKOtv began some years back as a fast-rising platform with homegrown content. Today, it is one of the most popular sites for Nollywood movies.

Among the Nollywood movies on the site, Yoruba movies make up a large part. This made it one of the best places to watch any Yoruba movies of your choice.

Also, new Yoruba movies are often launched on IROKOtv first before anywhere else. It is easy to access and work with all kinds of smartphones, desktops, and tablets. You have to pay for a subscription but you can start with their free trial.


Netflix is fast gaining popularity for local movies in Africa. Every month, several local series and movies are uploaded on the platform. With the growing popularity of this site and million subscribers, Nollywood movies have also been made available on the platform.

Most of the movies uploaded on the platform are newly released, which is one of the reasons Netflix is among the most sort after platforms for watching Yoruba movies. Some of the movies that might be impossible to watch on other free platforms are available on Netflix.


Nollyland is another great site to watch Nollywood movies. Dozens of Nollywood movies are loaded on the platform every month. Also, like IROKOtv, Nollyland is a superb place to watch recent and interesting Yoruba movies. The subscription is cheap and affordable.

Moreover, you can access Nollyland using your desktop PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Movie Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps like NollyMore and Nollyland for iOS devices, and RealNolly TV, Nigerian Movies, and Nollywood TV Films for Android devices are great places to catch a Yoruba film.

Depending on your choice, you can assess both recent and old movies on these platforms. Some charge a free but, for those looking to save money, there are also free options.

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