How to Check Your CRB Status in Kenya

Check Your CRB Status in Kenya

Are you worried that you could be listed in CRB or do you just want to know your CRB status? Read on to learn how you can check your CRB status today.

How to Check If You Are Listed on CRB

The CRB is tasked by the Central Bank of Kenya with collecting credit information of Kenyans and compiling it to be shared with lenders on a need basis.

If you have a negative CRB status you are not eligible to get a loan. It’s important, therefore, to know your CRB status before applying for a loan to make sure that you are eligible.

There are various ways that you can use to easily check your CRB status online. The government of Kenya has mandated three institutions – Metropol, Creditinfo, and TransUnion – to help Kenyans with any CRB-related information.

How to Check for Your CRB Status Through Metropol

There are three ways to check your CRB status using Metropol:

  1. Use shortcode dial *433#
  2. Using the Metropol Crystobol app
  3. Using the Metropol website

For the initial step, using your phone you can dial *433# and follow the prompts. You will be needed to provide your national ID number and an agent number if an agent to Metropol agencies referred you. If you don’t have an agent number, you will still get your CRB status. Once the ID is entered, you need to pay kshs 100 as a service fee. The money can easily be paid through Mpesa. The Metropol pay bill number is 186644. After the payment is complete, you will receive your CRB status. 

To access your CRB status offline through Metropol, you need to pay a convenience fee of Ks. 50 as registration fees through pay bill number 220388. You need to then enter your national ID number as the account number to complete the payment. You will receive an SMS with your unique code, you will then just dial *433# and enter the code as your pin to receive the CRB Status. 

The final way to check CRB through Metropol is using their website. This is a pretty straightforward method just like the App. You need to log in to the Internet and access the Metropol website by using a simple Google search of “Metropol service”. Once on the interface, access the menu and search option with how to check for your CRB status. The steps are pretty straightforward just like the App. Once you have done the payment for service as requested you will be able to access your CRB status.

How to Check for Your CRB Status Through TransUnion 

There are three ways to access the CRB status through Transunion:

  1. Send an SMS to 21272
  2. Access through their website
  3. Through the Transunion app

To check through SMS, send your full name and National ID number to 21272 and you will receive instructions that will guide you to receiving your credit status. A negative status means that you are listed as a defaulter and need to get a CRB clearance certificate.

Make sure you have a good Internet connection and then search for TransUnion on your preferred browser. Access the website and register to receive your CRB status report. You will follow prompts to make the convenience fee and eventually receive the report. The steps are similar to when you use the app as they are outlined the same way. Make sure that you have downloaded the app into your phone to access the report using this method. 

How to Check for Your CRB Status Through Creditinfo

Creditinfo collects information online and through emails. To access your CRB status through this service, you will need an online request form that will then prompt you for the service you need. Once you have captured your ID number correctly, the information will be accessible to you through the online interface or through the email address you provided in the request form. 

Checking your CRB Status is pretty straightforward using the above-outlined steps. To receive our weekly roundup of tech news from around Africa, sign up for our newsletter today.

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