Top 10 Ghanaian YouTubers

Ghanaian YouTubers

Ghanaian YouTubers have taken up content creation to a whole new level as YouTube increasingly becomes a popular avenue for learning and entertainment in the country.

Below, you will find the top ten best Ghanaian YouTubers and YouTube channels in 2020.

McBrown’s Kitchen

McBrown’s Kitchen is one of Ghana’s favourite cooking show. The show is hosted by the talented Nana Ama McBrown. The channel has an astounding 156K subscribers since it was started on November 4, 2017.

She keeps the channel interesting by bringing in various celebrity guest stars. They, in turn, share their recipes with the viewers. McBrown has so much to offer and has uploaded a ton of content onto her channel. In return, she has garnered over 20,922,248 views. She also has a TV show, which makes her one of the most successful Ghanaian YouTubers.

Kiki & Jay

Kiki & Jay is a YouTube channel that features a cute Ghanaian couple as they share their daily activities. They are among the best Ghanaian YouTubers who have excelled as a couple.

On this channel, you will find the couple doing challenges, pranks, and having all-around fun. They have so far managed to clock 4,934,864 views and 55.6K subscribers since the channel was formed on November 9, 2016.

Laura and Lauretta

Laura Kweley and Lauretta Korkor are twin sisters who have taken YouTube by storm. The Ghanaian YouTubers have various vlogs, makeup challenges, prank videos, and more on their YouTube channel.

Their unique content has attracted over 47.4K subscribers since the channel took off on March 27, 2018. Additionally, the twins travel and have fun while living their lives to the fullest and documenting it with their subscribers. They have so far hit 2,902,876 views on their channel.

Callan Wesley

If you love travel and lifestyle content then Callan Wesley is the right Ghanaian YouTuber to follow. He showcases Ghana through his lenses in a different and unique way.

Moreover, he travels to different countries and vlogs about it all. He has more than 41.8K subscribers and has amassed over 2,070,303 views since he started the channel in June 2013.

Maame Abena

With over 14.7K subscribers, Maame Abena is one of the best Ghanaian YouTubers who makes beauty, hair styling, fashion, and random videos on her channel.

Additionally, she reviews products too. Since joining YouTube on February 4, 2016, she has clocked 1,753,983 views.

Rick Aqua

Looking for the best tech reviews in Ghana? Rick Aqua is just the right tech guy for you. With over 13.8K subscribers, Aqua takes on the tech world with his prowess. He uploads content to his channel almost every week.

He has plenty of tech and device reviews as well as other content. Since he started vlogging in February 2013, he has hit more than 951,920 views. He is one of the best Ghanaian YouTubers in the tech area.

Joseph Nti

Joseph Nti is a household name in the Ghanaian YouTube scene. With over 5.01K subs and 510,910 views, Joseph covers current and trending events in Ghana.

He also has one of the most entertaining game show series on his channel, and he is behind the ‘Off The Top Series’. And has had a steady amount of videos since he opened the channel on November 19, 2011.

Edem Fiawosime

Edem Fiawosime describes herself as just an ordinary lady who is trying to share her opinions with the world while having fun at the same time.

The channel goes above and beyond with life, beauty, and having fun while documenting the experiences. She has 3.52K subscribers and 239,009 views since its inception on September 3, 2014.

Cuntess Lady

With over 3.0K subscribers since May 2019, this channel has grown steadily and is poised to be among the biggest in the country. The Cuntess Lady has content that ranges from vlogs, fashion, and general beauty.

It’s mostly popular with ladies who are trying something new. The host is colourful and charming and will always leave you wanting more. She has engaging stories that have clear and direct storylines. This has seen the channel garner more than 97,000 views.

This is a fashion channel with a variety of content. They enjoy showcasing and reviewing different types of fashion both locally and across the African continent as a whole. welcomes views from its subscribers and then reviews and discusses the suggestions on the various videos that they constantly add to their channel.

Since its formation on June 1, 2012, the channel has garnered a total of 717,473 views and 2.8K subscribers.

YouTube is huge and any content that is unique will attract viewers. We can expect more great content coming from Ghana as more people turn to YouTubers for help, inspiration, and entertainment.

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