Telkom Ziada Points: How to Opt-in & How to Redeem Them

Telkom Ziada

Telkom Kenya rewards its mobile prepaid customers through the Ziada points loyalty program. To learn more about it, keep reading!

How to Enroll to Telkom Ziada Points

Telkom Kenya

You will automatically get into the Ziada loyalty program after activating your line and starting to use the prepaid service. The program aims to reward customers for using Telkom services.

You will earn Ziada points for spending money on calls, SMS, and data. For every Sh1 you spend, you will earn one Ziada point.

To check your Ziada balance, dial *126#.

How to Redeem Ziada Points

The advantage of earning Ziada points is that you can redeem them for airtime, devices, or Freedom Data bundles. If you want to redeem your Ziada points, dial *126#, and follow the prompts.

Below is the airtime you will receive for redeeming Ziada points.

Airtime (Sh)Ziada Points

Note that the airtime you get for redeeming Ziada points is only valid for three days. Furthermore, you can use the airtime across networks for SMS, data, and calls.

Here are the Freedom Data bundles you can get with Ziada points:

DataZiada PointsValidity (Days)
Daily Freedom 1GB bundle with free WhatsApp and Telkom calls1,6491
Daily Freedom 2GB bundle with free WhatsApp and Telkom calls4,1497
Daily Freedom 3GB with free WhatsApp and Telkom calls8,29930

Keep in mind that you can also redeem weekly and monthly data bundles using Ziada points.

To redeem your Ziada points for a device, visit the Telkom shop near you. You can also top up with cash in case your Ziada points are not enough to purchase your preferred device.

Safaricom Bonga Points Versus Telkom Ziada Points

The Ziada loyalty program is similar to the Safaricom Bonga points program with a few differences. Here is how they compare:

FeatureZiada PointsBonga Points
TransferabilityYou cannot transfer points to another person.You can transfer points to other people.
EarningsFor every Sh1 you spend on calls, SMS, and data, you earn one Ziada point.For every Sh10 you spend on calls, SMS, and data, you earn one Bonga point.
RedeemingYou can redeem points for airtime, data, and devices. To get Sh10 of airtime, you need 199 points.Customers can redeem points for talk-time minutes, data, SMS, MMS bundles, devices, and to pay for goods and services at all buy goods Lipa Na M-PESA outlets and select pay bill numbers. To get Sh15 of airtime, you need 50 points.
AvailabilityOnly available to prepaid customers.Available to both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Telkom Kenya has a market share of 5.8 percent, coming third after Safaricom (64.8 percent) and Airtel Kenya (26.6 percent).

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