How to Check Glo Data Balance in 2022

how to Check Glo Data Balance

Have you ever been on the internet and your data finished while watching an interesting video? This is why it is advisable to always check your data balance to know your remaining data, the validity date, and the expiry date. Among the different data networks, Glo is popular.

In this guide, you will learn how to check your Glo data balance.

How to Check Glo Data Balance

There are several ways to check your Glo data balance. Your choice would be based on what works well for you. The three major ways to check Glo data include:

  • USSD code
  • SMS
  • Online

These three methods work on smartphones, desktops, and tablets.

How to Check Glo Data Using the USSD Code

How To Check Glo Data Balance

The USSD code to check your Glo data is to dial *127*0#. When you do, a message will pop up on your screen with detailed information on your current data plan, remaining data, and the date of expiration.

Alternatively, you can simply dial *777#. When you do, the following messages would pop up on your screen:

  • Buy data
  • BlackBerry
  • Campus Booster
  • Voice Offers
  • Voice Data Combos
  • Borrow Credit or Data
  • Caller Tunes
  • Int’l Call Offers

To continue, simply click on the first option and send. When you do, a message will show telling you that all Glo data plans are now from 3G-4G.

Type 4 and send.

The next message would be as follows:

  • Get Data Settings.
  • To see Details for configuration
  • To get the self-care portal.
  • Get Data Balance.

Type 4 and send.

The next message would contain detailed information about your current data plan, your remaining data, and the expiry date.

If you want to continue the action, you can click on back, and select the next action of your choice. If you don’t want to, simply click on exit or cancel on your phone.

How to Check Your Glo Data Balance Through SMS

You can check your Glo data balance through an SMS code. The receiver’s code you will be sending the SMS to is 127. To get started, text INFO to 127. When you do, a detailed message on your current data balance, your plan, and the expiry date will be sent to you.

When using the SMS format, ensure that the message is sent in capital letter. Do not add any other message except INFO.

The SMS method works effectively when you are using a device that doesn’t have the # and * button or when any button among the two is faulty. Sending the SMS is free.

How to Check Glo Data Online

Assuming you are surfing the internet and about to download an app but you don’t know if your remaining data would be enough. Instead of closing your browser, you can just use the internet to check your current data plan. All you need to do is visit to access the Glo HSI portal. The Glo HSI portal is a self-service portal available for all Glo subscribers. The portal is used to get detailed information about your data plan.

When you visit the page, your remaining data and the validity date will be displayed on the self-care page. If you are using a web browser, the self-care page is located on the right-hand side of the screen.

However, it is important to note that the GLO HIS portal is only available on the GLOBACOM network. This implies that it cannot be assessed using other networks.

How to Check Glo Data Bonus

Most times, when you subscribe or recharge your Glo account, the Glo network gives you bonus data on recharge or subscription.

Usually, when you use any of the methods explained above, the reply would include your bonus data alongside your main data. You can simply dial #122# to view your bonus data.

Nevertheless, using the *127*0# provides you with detailed information on both the bonus data and the main data. Most times, the main data and the bonus data are added together and the total is displayed.

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