Top 7 Best Free PC Optimisation Software

PC Optimisation Software

To ensure that your machine runs smoothly, you should download PC optimisation software.

Discover the best free PC optimisation software that you can use to boost your computer’s performance.

Why Should I Have a PC Optimisation Software?

All computers start experiencing a lag in their performance and response time at some period. To solve this and get it back into its previous speed, users can take a few measures:

  • Free up storage space on the system
  • Get rid of junk
  • Tune up the system to speed up

Some of these tasks cannot take place smoothly because they require deep system scans. That is why you need a PC optimisation tool. With a great tool, you will be able to monitor and manage junk, memory load, window registry keys, and driver updates without much work.

The following are the best free PC optimisation tools that you will come across when you scrap through the internet.


CCleaner is one best free PC optimisation software that you will come across. It is a trusted and proven software that has been around for some time. CCleaner is useful in cleaning up the deeply rooted space that many others cannot. It helps you in the management of apps, scrubbing up the registry, and getting rid of unnecessary files.

The available free version is instrumental in eliminating unwanted cookies, temporary files, and browser caches. For the paid version, you get a more strengthened one. It sets up real-time protection and mechanism.


If you happen to be using a slightly older version of windows, then AVG PC TuneUp is an ideal PC optimisation software for you. Its speed clean-up boosts your PC to run just like a new device.

Moreover, the TuneUp cleans out junk files, cache, cookies, frees up your RAM, and sorts out damaged files. All this brings about better performance. The PC optimisation tool will also clean up files that are unnecessary and clean up the browser.

Additionally, it has the sleep mode feature that considerably pushes your PC’s response time as well as speed. This software comes with a free or paid version.

iObit Advanced SystemCare

iObit Advanced SystemCare is well suited for optimisation and privacy protection. It is an all-rounder PC optimisation software that boosts your PC start-up and automatically manages process and tasks to bring out the best in your PC.

It cleans up the junk files while also freeing up your disk space. Moreover, this software also has real-time optimisation, deep registry cleaning, and privacy protection.

Advanced System Optimiser

Advanced System Optimiser is a super-tonic software that keeps your RAM optimised. It effectively clears caches, junk and unwanted hidden residues and in the end, the performance of your device improves.

Advanced System Optimiser comes with a surplus of tools to keep your device healthy. It comes with a registry cleaner, game booster, driver updaters, and disc optimiser.

Moreover, PC cleaner deals with junk files, logs, and redundant data. All this is in one place, and you can get rid of all this with a single click. Apart from being one of the best free PC optimisation software out there, it has more features for cleaning the system, game optimisation, optimisation of the hard disk, and also protects your order.

lolo System Mechanic

lolo System Mechanic is an all-in package one. It speeds up your system as well as increase the speed of the internet and reduces lagging that is caused by extra junk.

The software clears the cache, cookies, and junk of the memory of your machine. Additionally, it improves CPU speed. It, in turn, results in tremendous and smooth performance.

Additionally, the interface is straightforward to use. It does not require rocket science to have this PC optimisation tool installed. It is available both for free as well as the paid plan.

Ashampoo WinOptimiser

Ashampoo WinOptimiser is another excellent free PC optimisation software to consider. This software cleans browser cookies, cleans junk files, malicious registry entries with a simple click.

Moreover, Ashampoo WinOptimiser offers you an option to deep scan any drive to find if there are any program residuals. When combined to that, this software also brings various routine maintenance features like start-up optimisation and hard disk defragmentation.

Norton Utilities

Norton Utilities tool gives your system a considerable performance boost. Additionally, it protects your PC against security breaches that occur randomly.

If you are using windows 10, this software will tune up the PC with a significant upgrade in performance. It has quick fixes that assist you in getting rid of daily issues while the system remains in great shape. Additionally, it does not wait around for you to scan the computer only when there is an issue. It will take the initiative and do its work effectively.

All the lags in performance, corrupt files, errors in registry, cache, as well as the junk files are taken care of by Norton Utilities.  

These are the best free PC optimisation tools that have been tried and tested. With each one of these PC optimisers, your device will run smoother and faster.

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