How to Find Top Psychologists in Kenya

Psychologists in Kenya

Mental health is a topic that still holds a lot of stigma in Kenya and many African countries. Many would rather die in silence than admit that they need help as it is often viewed as “white people disease” or left to religious intervention with demons being blamed for mental illness. 

However, with the changes that have occurred in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are starting to seek help to cope with daily life. The issue now becomes how do I find top psychologists in Kenya? Also, how do I know who is right for me? 

This article shall help you understand how to find a psychologist in Kenya who fits the need you are looking for. 

Who is a Psychologist? 

A psychologist is a professional who studies human behavior and uses this information to understand, explain, and change a specific behavior and thought process. Psychologists often get involved in research work, teaching, and offering therapy and counselling services.

Finding psychologists in Kenya has for the longest time been a difficult and tasking activity that many did not see the need for. However, more people are now interested in receiving help and set out to find a psychologist that is suitable for them. 

How to Find Psychologists in Kenya


The first way to find top psychologists in Kenya is through referral by your general doctor. Many top psychologists are part of hospital staff. You can have easy access to them through a referral from your doctor. This gives you access to qualified psychologists who are equipped in doing their job and at an affordable fee. Many work full time in hospitals and they offer their services to patients in the vicinity of the hospital.

Hospitals including Kenyatta National Hospital, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, The Nairobi Women’s Hospital, The Aga Khan Hospital have mental health wings that offer psychological and counseling services. 

The second and most accessible way is to do an online search using mental health websites. Many psychologists in Kenya offer their services through their private practices that you can find online on websites. These sites make it easier to narrow the search down to a psychologist in Kenya who fits your specific needs.

You can easily find psychologists with specific specialization, location, and even fee charged. Sites that ensure you get qualified psychologists include TherapyRoute and GoodTherapy, which provide a list of psychologists in Kenya.

Many organisations and establishments offer therapy and counselling services in Kenya. Psychologists have made the move to create avenues and safe places to have people walk to or call to receive psychological help. These organizations include Tumaini Counselling Center, Neema Counselling and Training Center, The Kenya Institute of Professional Counselling, and the Gem Counselling Center. 

These institutions provide access to professionally trained psychologists in Kenya that have the ability to help you navigate through the different phases of life. 

Finding the Right Psychologist for You

Finding someone who suits your needs is as important as finding the right fitting shoe. It is difficult to walk and move ahead comfortably with an ill-fitting shoe. Take your time to find one that feels just right for your mental wellness journey. It is important to note that seeking help is courageous and not shameful.

With easy access to top psychologists in Kenya and assured discretion, go ahead and find a professional who can help you take that first step to wellness.

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