Surfline Ghana: Rates, Bundles, Recharge & More

Surfline Ghana

Are you looking for reliable internet in Ghana? This guide on Surfline Ghana will equip you with the right information to decide whether Surfline is for you and give you a seamless experience while using the service.

What is Surfline Ghana?

Surfline Ghana is a product of the Surfline Communications company established in 2011 to provide high-quality internet connectivity to the Ghanian market. It currently provides 4G LTE and WiFi services to many households and businesses across the country.

How can subscribing to Surfline Ghana benefit you?

According to Surfline Ghana, you can perform various functions through their services including;

  • Faster loading of websites
  • Sending and receiving large documents with ease
  • Downloading your favorite music and movies at a fast speed
  • Watching videos online with no wait time
  • Using Skype and other video conferencing tools with no interruption
  • Uploading photos to Instagram faster

Other than that, the Surfline Ghana service promises to provide the best internet connectivity experience in the country.

Surfline Ghana Bundles and Data Plans

Surfline Ghana Bundles

For you to consider this service, we have put together the current Surfline Ghana data bundles and plans as of July 2021 for you to choose from depending on your current wants or needs.

Data Bundles/Plans

These are bundles that you can buy at varied prices and can only for a specific number of days (validity).

Data plan/volume (GB)  1.6  3.2  5    7  12  30  45  65  125  185
Data validity (Days)  1  3  7  30  30  30  30  30  30  30
Prices (GHC)  10   20  30  40  70  120  185  255  290  330

Unlimited plans

Surfline Ghana has two data plans: Unlimited Bundles and AlwaysOn Plans, which allow for users to use their internet for a long time without their data running out and at faster speeds.

Unlimited Bundles

Data PlanUnlimited BundleUnlimited Night Bundle
Validity (Days)30 days (24/7)30 days (12am- 6am)
Price (GHC)410110

AlwaysOn Plans

Data planAlways On StandardAlways On SuperAlways On Ultra
ValidityCharged monthlyCharged monthlyCharged monthly
Pricing (GHC)420599799
DetailsUnlimited usage of over 360GB a month with 12GB* daily allocation at max speed * Upon daily usage of 11.66GB, speed is capped at 3Mbps. Speed is reset to max speed at midnight every day.Unlimited usage of over 525GB a month with 17.5GB* daily allocation at max speedUnlimited usage of over 700GB a month with 23.33GB* daily allocation at max speed

Surfline Business Plans

If you are an owner of a business, especially one that uses high volumes of internet, Surfline Ghana has taken your needs into consideration with their business bundle plans shown below.

Data PlanBusiness SilverBusiness SilverBusiness GoldBusiness Platinum
Data Volume  50 GB + 5 GB bonus100 GB + 10 GB bonus200 GB + 20 GB bonusUnlimited
Pricing (GHC)  2504007001000
Validity (Days)  30303030

How to Subscribe to Surfline Ghana

If the Surfline Ghana data plans and bundles have piqued your interest, the first step you will take is to ensure that you have appropriate devices which would allow you to access the network.

These devices include the Surfline MiFi, Router, Car-Fi, or Simcard which are all available in a Surfline shop near you or reaching out to them through their social media platforms.

How to Purchase a Surfline Ghana Bundle

Once your device of choice is ready, you can recharge your account by:

1. Using your MySurfline account

Log into your MySurfline account and click on “Credit Recharge” under “Plan Management.” Once the “Credit Recharge” page opens, follow the instructions to purchase credit via either a scratch card/voucher or credit/debit card.

2. Using your mobile phone

  • Dial *718*77# on your MTN, Vigo, Vodafone and Airtel line.
  • Enter ‘3’ to select the ‘Purchase Bundle’ option.
  • Enter your Surfline number starting with ‘025’.
  • Select your preferred bundle category.
  • Select your preferred bundle.
  • Wait for a confirmation message on the bundle you purchased.

Contacting the Surfline Customer Care on 0302745777.

Visiting a Surfline shop near you for assistance.

How to Check Your Surfline Ghana Balance

1. Use your MySurfline portal

Here, you can check your balance by logging into your registered account.

2. Use your mobile phone

  • Dial *718*77# on your MTN, Tigo, Vodafone and Airtel handset
  • Enter your Surfline number starting with 025
  • Choose Option 1 (Check Balance)
  • Then wait until you receive a message detailing your balance details.

For other tips and tricks on how to use your Surfline Ghana account, visit their website.

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