Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Bands in 2022

Samsung Galaxy Watch Bands

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is an ideal gadget to own. You can easily customise it and make it your own. Not only can you choose from various watch faces, but Samsung Galaxy Watch bands are also easily replaceable to go with what you like.

Galaxy Watch Bands

The Galaxy watch is found in two sizes. The 46mm and the 42mm. Therefore, it’s essential to check the compatibility before you go for the Samsung galaxy bands that you like.

Additionally, there is a smaller watch called the Galaxy watch Active 2 which is quite unique. It begins at 40mm and is sportier. Additionally, it has a digital haptic as compared to a physical one. Moreover, there are various custom options for all Samsung watches that give you the freedom to customise them according to your personality.

Below, we have compiled a list of the best Samsung Galaxy watch bands.

Samsung Hybrid Sport Strap

Samsung Hybrid Sport Watch Strap

The Samsung Hybrid Sport Strap comes with a mix of leather and rubber which allows you to use it during various activities. Samsung is aware that people like to swap straps on various occasions. Therefore, the Samsung Hybrid Sport strap allows for speedy removal and installation. Moreover, the combination of rubber and leather is a hard-wearing strap but it comes out as ever. Additionally, you get various colours to your liking. It comes in both bright and bold one. This inclusion of various colours makes it attractive. It’s one of the best Samsung Galaxy watch bands out there in the market. It’s compatible with the Galaxy Watch 42mm.

Colours: White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange


  • Hard-wearing but very stylish.
  • Various colours are available.


  • It’s expensive.
  • Only for the smaller galaxy watch.

Samsung Silicon Strap 20mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch Silicon Strap 20mm

The various colour options for this band makes the Samsung Silicon Strap 20mm popular and unique. The colours range are very bright which is ideal for many fashionable people. The Samsung Silicon band is built to help you exercise. It is very durable and can withstand the day to day activities that come with your routine. However, it has a traditional clasp that may not sit pretty well with you during a workout. It can be a little uncomfortable when working out. It’s compatible with Galaxy Watch 42mm.

Colours: Yellow, Silver, Pink, Natural Grey, Black, Violet, Brown, Red


  • Various colour options
  • Ideal for exercise


  • The clasp design is pretty average
  • It’s a little expensive

Samsung Silicon Strap 22mm

Samsung Silicon Strap 22mm

If you are trying to keep it official, this is one of the best Samsung Galaxy bands out there in the market. This strap is not among the cost-effective ones that you will come across because there are many third-party silicon straps that you may find. However, if you are sticking to your brand then this is an ideal purchase. It comes with a great design and the colours are also good. However, the traditional watch-style clasp is just too average but still does the work. It’s compatible with the Galaxy Watch 46mm.

Colours: Natural Grey, Blue, Black


  • Ideal for working out
  • Unique design in strong material


  • Colour options are very limited
  • A little expensive

TRUMiRR Stainless Steel Metal Band

TRUMiRR Stainless Steel Metal Band

The TRUMiRR Stainless Steel Metal Band can be used on all occasions that may come up. For a bargain, this strap brings out the two colours that it’s available in. It has a high ending aesthetic to it. This brings out an admiring look to whoever comes across it. Moreover, it has a unique clasp which is not average. Just push buttons on both sides to untangle it. It brings about security and safety. When it comes to an expensive watch, this is one of the best Galaxy watch bands that you can have in your collection. It’s compatible with Galaxy watch 46mm.

Colour: Black, Silver


  • Fast and unique release clasp
  • It accommodates most wrist sizes
  • Price is friendly


  • There is no 42mm option in this colour

Goseth Milanese Loop Adjustable Stainless-Steel Wristband

Goseth Milanese Loop adjustable Stainless-Steel Wristband

The Goseth Milanese Loop Adjustable Stainless-Steel Wristband looks excellent with any pairing that it’s matched with. It’s a wear with anything kind of watch band. However, it’s not ideal for intense workouts. This Goseth wristband is pretty affordable to anyone. It does not leave a dent in your budget. Additionally, it has a magnetic clasp that is simple and perfect. Nevertheless, if you are doing rigorous tasks it’s not one of the best straps around. It’s compatible with the Galaxy Watch 46mm.

Colour: Silver, Black


  • The price is pocket friendly
  • Unique and outstanding design


  • Does not have the 42mm option
  • The magnetic clasp may be unreliable at times

MroTech Galaxy Watch Quick Release Nylon Sport Loop

MroTech Galaxy Watch Quick Release Nylon Sport Loop

The MroTech Galaxy Watch Quick Release Nylon Sport Loop band has fabulous hook and loop straps that are ideal for fastening and all-round functionality. It’s super modifiable and simple to put on. It has more or less the same concept as the Apple Watch. The nice design and various colours add to its beautiful aesthetics. It accommodates for both sizes of the Galaxy Watch and other smartwatches too. The price is sensible for such a high-quality design. It’s one of the best Samsung Galaxy watch bands that are all around. It is compatible with the Galaxy Watch 46mm and the 42mm.

Color: Olive Green, Blue, Red, Black


  • It’s compatible with any sized wrist
  • It comes with a unique hook and loop clasp
  • Its price is pocket friendly


  • In case of intense workouts, it may get uncomfortable because of sweat

What Should You Go for?

It depends on what you love and what type of material you prefer. Factors like comfort and style also play a role.

Pick a strap that you like to create a new look for your Samsung Galaxy Watch. Perhaps a silicon strap for your workout or a metal strap for an official meeting or an important date.

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