NGO Jobs in Zimbabwe: Where to Find Them & How Much Do They Pay

NGO Jobs in Zimbabwe

Are you trying to find a job at an NGO in Zimbabwe? With hundreds of NGOs in the country, there are plenty of positions to choose from.

Read on to discover a list of jobs platforms that list NGO jobs in Zimbabwe.

Top Platforms to Find NGO Jobs in Zimbabwe

Hot Zimbabwe Jobs

Hot Zimbabwe Jobs is among the top sites for job seekers in Zimbabwe with lots of NGO jobs being posted weekly. The platform also has a mobile app that you can set to provide NGO job alerts as and when they come. The web version is also easy to use and can send alerts to your email and Telegram account. Jobs range from volunteering and internships to top-level managerial positions. 

Jobs Zimbabwe

Jobs Zimbabwe was established in 2012 and has helped millions of job seekers to connect with employers. It has tons of NGO jobs and notifies you of relevant available jobs soon after setting up your preferences on the dashboard. The platform currently doesn’t have a mobile app but you can always receive notifications through email. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook or join their Whatsapp group.

Vacancy Mail

Vacancy Mail is a great platform for connecting a skilled workforce to potential NGOs in Zimbabwe. Several NGO jobs are posted on the platform every day by various organisations while also searching for CVs. Job seekers can subscribe to Vacancy Mail’s premium service, Whatsapp updates, or follow their Facebook page. This platform also provides training courses and CV writing services.


UNjobs has a plethora of job openings through its various agencies and partnerships that include WHO, UNOPS, UNICEF, CHAI, RTI, and others. UN jobs are known to be among the highest paying NGO jobs in Zimbabwe. The platform doesn’t have any other mediums for communicating its job openings other than the website and Twitter account. is another great platform for finding NGO jobs in Zimbabwe. Though not neatly arranged, the platform has a ton of job openings in the NGO sector. Most jobs posted are from UN organisations such as UNESCO, World Vision, UNICEF, FAO, and Plan International. You can receive constant updates by following their Facebook page or joining their Telegram channel.

Impact Pool

Impact Pool is among the largest job pools in the world and it also advertises NGO jobs in Zimbabwe. It is an easy-to-use platform as you only need to set the parameters of your job preference to get available job openings. Most local NGOs don’t usually use this platform but international counterparts like the UN do. If you are a job seeker hoping to join NGOs like CARE, UNESCO, UNICEF, and others, this platform will probably work for you. is a cleverly built search engine for jobs that collects all related postings on the internet and presents them to you through its interface. Among contributing sites include Vacancy Mail, Jobs Zimbabwe, UNjobs, classifieds, CareersWvi, and more. To apply, this platform redirects you to the original portal. If you don’t have time to search the internet for NGO jobs in Zimbabwe, this platform would be a great place to start. 

Human Rights

How Much do NGO Jobs Pay in Zimbabwe?

According to Payscale, the average annual NGO pay in Zimbabwe is about $25,000 excluding perks.

A low-level finance associate takes home an average of $16,500 p.a while a high-ranking official gets about $53,000 annually. These averages are based on the payscales indicated on various job advertisements on the internet. 

However, nothing is cast in stone as the rates mentioned above are mostly for big international NGOs. The rates for other NGOs in Zimbabwe aren’t very clear so you may need to enquire before sending them an application.

Now that you have an idea of where to look for NGO jobs in Zimbabwe, we can only wish you happy job hunting!

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