Top 5 Jewish Apps You Should Check Out in 2024

Jewish Apps

The world that we are living in is becoming increasingly dependent on technology and mobile apps. The great thing is there are apps for everyone and everything. There are also apps for Jews who want to live according to the dictates of their faith.

In this article, you will learn about five popular Jewish apps specifically designed to cater to Jewish lifestyles.

1. JSwipe 

First on our list of Jewish apps is JSwipe. JSwipe is an online dating app for single Jews to meet and connect. The matchmaking app was launched in 2014 and is now one of the most popular apps used by Jewish people across the world. It describes itself as the ‘#1 Jewish Dating App.’

The app allows users who are single to create profiles by uploading photos. They can then refine their search by using filters, which can include geographic location, denominational affiliation, and observance of kashrut dietary laws.  

Once two users match on the app by liking each other’s profiles, they will be able to send messages to each other directly. The dating app is reported to have inspired tens of thousands of marriages among its users. According to JSwipe, the dating application has over 1 million users worldwide. 

2. Jewish Bible In English 

The Jewish Bible In English is one of the most popular apps for observant Jews. The app contains the audio version of the Jewish Bible in English. It includes the first English translation of the Tanakh containing the traditional Hebrew Bible books.

In the app, the names of the Old Testament books follow the order of the Jewish Bible, rather than of the Christian Bible. The Jewish Bible In English also offers full offline functionality. Once the app has been downloaded onto your device, you don’t need an internet connection to continue using it.

Users can learn the powerful message of the Tanakh by reading and listening to the Jewish Bible in English at their leisure.

3. OU Kosher 

OU Kosher is a great application that allows users who follow Jewish dietary law to check if food is kosher. Users of the app can search the kosher status of their food against more than 600,000 products, manufactured in nearly 8,000 plants, in more than 90 countries around the world.

OU Kosher also includes product alerts and newly certified products. Users can use the app to ask questions about kosher products.

By using the app, users have easy and direct access to the Orthodox Union (OU) resources. The Orthodox Union Kosher is a certification agency that cerifies about 70% of kosher food worldwide and is the largest of the “Big Five” major certification agencies.

4. Jew Compass

The Jew Compass mobile app helps users to find the direction to Jerusalem. This allows them to face Jerusalem when praying. This is very important for religious Jews as one of the main goals of praying is to remember Jerusalem and ask for it to be rebuilt. According to Jewish religious instruction, every Jew should offer their prayer to God facing the site of the Temple in Jerusalem

The Jew Compass app is also very useful when travelling or when trying to find the direction of Jerusalem when you go to a new area.

5. Jake TV

The last entry on the Jewish Apps list is the independent channel Jake TV. Jake TV stands for Jewish Arts, Knowledge, & Education Television. The app offers the best collection of Jewish videos, including genres such as comedy, animation, live-action, music, and documentaries.   

Users of the application can search from a list of video categories which include PragerU, Aish.Com, Accidental Talmudist, Jake TV Originals, and Holocaust Stories. 

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