How to Launch Your Career with the Help of Fuzu

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Fuzu is a digital career platform that helps Kenyans find jobs and increase their employability.

In this guide, you will find out how you can launch a career with the help of Fuzu in Kenya.

Registering an Account on Fuzu

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To start using Fuzu, you have to create a free account. You can do this by signing up with your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google accounts. Alternatively, you can create an account with an email address.

If you choose the last sign up option, here are steps you will follow:

  • Visit the Fuzu website
  • Type in your first name, email address, password, and country
  • Click “Continue” and answer the questions in the two steps
  • Click “Add Photo” on the left side of the screen and upload a professional picture
  • Hit “My CV is Missing Details” to add more information to your profile
  • Add your work experience, education, skills, certificates, hobbies, references, and professional association to build your CV
  • You can also upload your CV to Fuzu and save time
  • From the left-side menu, click “My Career” to take personality and career tests. The test personality will help Fuzu to better match you to job opportunities and the career test will help Fuzu to match you to a career that is suitable for you
  • Add a career goal and Fuzu will help you to achieve it

Job Searching


Once you have built your CV, taken the tests, and added a career goal, you can now start looking for jobs in Kenya. To do this, click the “Jobs” tab located at the top of your screen. Next, filter your search results by seniority, category, country, and city.

Also, click the “Recommended,” “Closing,” and “Latest” tabs to narrow down your search.  Once you find a job that you like, click on it to read more details. You can also save it for later or make the application immediately. When you make an application, Fuzu will save it for you so that you can keep track of your applications.

It is important to keep in mind that Fuzu cannot match you with any jobs until you complete your CV.

Premium Packages

Fuzu Kenya offers several premium packages to users that are willing to pay. One of the paid services allows you to see how you rank against other applicants of the same job. This service will cost you 99 shillings.

If you are struggling with your career or are about to start one and need advice, you can pay 749 shillings for career coaching. This package gives you the chance to talk on the phone or one on one with a certified career advisor. Also, you will get instant feedback on how you compare to other applicants.

Another package that you can find on Fuzu is a premium CV. You can purchase this CV for 99 shillings.

The career platform enables users to buy packages for discounted prices using Fuzu points. You will earn Fuzu points by completing your profile, using the platform actively, and inviting your friends to sign up.

To buy a package, simply click “Buy Now” and enter your Safaricom number to pay via M-PESA. Moreover, you can choose other payment methods like PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and XPay.

Increase your Knowledge with Free Courses

Learn with Fuzu
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You can gain knowledge by taking the free courses that Fuzu offers. To get started, click the “Courses” tab at the top of your screen and choose the course that you want to take.

Furthermore, the platform will recommend courses for you depending on your profile. Therefore, you could start by taking the recommended courses first.

Examples of some of the courses offered include “How to make money on YouTube,” “Introduction to financial terms and concepts,” and “What it takes to be an entrepreneur.”

Fuzu saves the courses that you have completed and those that you want to take later.

Other Features

Other interesting features that you should know about Fuzu include messages and settings. The messages feature means that you can have a conversation with potential employers while the settings feature enables you to update your email, change your password, and subscribe to email and SMS notifications.

Moreover, you can access a link to your CV, choose whether Fuzu should show your CV publicly or not, and delete your account. If you are interested in job opportunities in other locations, you can select your preferred countries in settings.  

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